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Jr. Vikings Fundraising

CharityMania Fundraiser
The Jr Vikes primary fundraiser is through a program called CharityMania.  Each family is asked to sell five $20 Charity Mania tickets.  Ticket stubs and payment (checks payable to Jr Vikes Football) are due back by Sept 5 to Mary Roncoroni.  Stubs/payment can be given to Bob Edmund, John Roncoroni (coach varsity) or Mary Roncoroni.  Please do not give to your coaches.  All unsold tickets must also be returned

Game Day Programs
We would like to continue with our Game Day Program fundraising campaign for the 2012 Season and share some information on how you can help.
(Download form here.)

We are offering 2 ways for you help us raise funds for the Jr. Vikings through
Game Day Program:advertisements.  Ads will be included in each Game Day Program which will be published for all home games.

  • "Good Luck" ads from parent to their players.
    The Parent Message Order Form, can be completed by parents with a message to their player. Instructions on how to submit the ad are on the form.
  • Business Ads
    The Business Ad order Form and the Business Solicitation letter, will be distributed to local businesses who will complete the form  Instructions on how to submit the ad are on the form.
  1. Ask your local businesses for support. Print out the attached Business Ad form and solicitation letter to hand to local businesses that you frequent. The ads are VERY inexpensive (they start at $10 per SEASON) and will get the names of these businesses in front of potential local customers for an entire football season.  It’s a great way for them to show their community commitment.
  2. Go back to those businesses, collect the forms and the checks and hand them to Bob Lamport.
  3. Ads can be given to us either in hard copy or electronically. Specific instructions are on the form.
The Junior Vikings program has grown to 140 players this year.  Running a program of this size can be costly.  We know you’ll agree that it is important for our players have the highest quality equipment to ensure their safety and comfort.