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About Us

The Voorhees Jr. Vikings Football Program, coaches and volunteer staff are dedicated to the youth of our community.  The success of our program is not measured by wins or losses, but by the sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility and the fun we experience through striving towards our goals.  The program is an outstanding opportunity for our young athletes to build confidence, and make friendships to last a lifetime!  Jr Vikes are the only "feeder program" for Voorhees High School football.  We are already seeing the success of our alumni as they start their High School careers with Voorhees High School sports teams.  We encourage our players, parents and coaches to work together to insure a successful program.  

Proud to be part of the Greater New Jersey AYF League. 


Greater New Jersey AYF League:


USA - Heads Up Football (Safety Program):



For those not familiar with the GNJAYF:

The Greater New Jersey AYF conference (GNJAYF) was originally founded as the Jr Skyland Football Conference (JSFC) in December of 2004.  It was established as an unlimited weight, intermediate level football league with the goals of providing an opportunity for highly talented players to experience seriously competitive football at a level above the average youth football league.  The conference transitioned as an independent conference to the American Youth Football league in 2018 and renamed itself from Jr Skyland to Greater New Jersey to better represent the breadth and regionality of our member programs.  

One of our conference goals is have our individual programs positively impact their local public high school football programs and to nurture a smooth transition from youth football into high school football.  Therefore, we require all member programs within the GNJAYF have the explicit support of their local HS Head Football Coach and HS Athletic Director.  We also require that the foundation of their football program aligns to the principles, schemes and terminology that is taught at their high school.   Most Head Football Coaches view their local GNJAYF teams as a direct extension of their programs and take an active interest in how they develop young players.

Many of the teams in the GNJAYF play under the lights on Saturday nights on their high school’s home football field and share the colors and have a name affiliation with their sending district High School. 

We look forward to building our Voorhees community with you and your family!

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Voorhees Jr Vikes Football and Cheer